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New to Veterinary Medicine

Antiseptic and Disinfectant

A new antiseptic - chlorine dioxide complex - developed by Frontier Pharmaceutical Inc.  is now available in various product formulations for use in veterinary medicine. This versatile biocide solves many of the disinfection problems encountered in veterinary medicine. These range from the management of topical infections, deep and post surgical wounds, to controlling chronic skin and ear infections including malasezzia and ringworm and on to disinfecting hands and sterilizing surfaces.

In-vitro laboratory studies have demonstrated that active, stabilized chlorine dioxide complex kills bacteria in one minute and is equally microbicidal against viruses, yeast and fungi.

The active complex is safe for topical use, non irritating to the skin or damaging to the fur. It promotes healing and reduces scaring. Chlorine dioxide complex is now available as a stable single part solution that unlike its prior form, avoids the need for separate solutions to be mixed and measured. This pharmaceutical development is patent pending, and a major step forward in simplifying the handling and dispensing of this fast acting disinfectant.

Currently, there are 2 new chlorine dioxide products available for use in the veterinary market including Ciderm(R) SP , Topical Wound Antiseptic, and Earigant(R) SP ear cleanser/otitis treatment. There are several other products under development including an antiseptic wound irrigation and shampoo wash solution, mouth spray and disinfecting / sterilizing surface spray.

Current Veterinary Products

Ciderm(R)SP Antiseptic Wound Spray

Ciderm SP Topical Antiseptic Wound Care products contain a proprietary formulation of stable chlorine dioxide complex (approx 160 ppm) in an aqueous base designed for use in the topical management of wounds. These products provide fast bacteriocidal activity in infected wounds, help prevent secondary infection in sterile wounds and assist in healing and scar reduction. The active chlorine dioxide liquid does not interfere with wound healing and is not neutralized by organic contaminants as is the case with other topical antiseptics. Currently the products available include -:

(1) Ciderm SP : Antiseptic Wound Spray:(1oz, 30ml): A compact size, ideal for use on topical use on cuts, small wounds, abrasions, hot spots, animal bites, post surgery incisions, skin infections, punctures, abscesses. This product is ideal for dispensing at discharge for homecare treatment.

(2) Ciderm SP : Topical Antiseptic Solution (1oz,30ml) in a squeeze dropper bottle for direct application to the lesion. The dropper avoids hair and treats small focal infections, cuts, punctures, hot spots, most topical localized lesions where a spray may be impractical.

(3) Ciderm SP: Antiseptic Wound Spray (8 oz,240 ml) : For clinical use on large wounds, pre surgical skin prep, large incisions, open fractures, most topical dermatitis, abrasions, ulcers, abscesses, burns, perianal and anal sac infection and infected calluses. The spray does not bleach hair. This is an ideal size for use in large animal practice







1. Ciderm(R)SP Antiseptic Wound Spray 1oz-30ml

one unit $11.95 each (SRP)
10 units $6.50 each

2. Ciderm(R)SP Topical Antiseptic Soln.  1oz (30ml) in a dropper squeeze bottle.

one unit $8.90 each (SRP)
10 units $5.85 each

3. Ciderm(R)SP Antiseptic Wound Spray. 8oz (240 ml)

one unit $25 each (SRP)
10 units $14.50 each

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Earigant(R)SP Otic Cleanser Antiseptic Solution:

Earigant(R)SP is a proprietary fomulation of stable chlorine dioxide complex (approx 120 ppm) in an aqueous base is used in the managements of otitis externa in small animals caused by bacterial and yeast (Malassezia) infections. The product is currently available in a 1 oz (30 ml) plastic squeeze bottles with a conical dropper dispenser. The product is used for cleaning, irrigating and direct application in the topical management of otitis. Other ingredients added to the formulation include a surfactant, glycerin and carbamide assist in cleaning the ear, reduce irritation and promote healing.

Earigant(R)SP - Otic Cleanser Antiseptic Solution (1oz - 30 ml)

one unit $9.90 (SRP)
10 units $4.95 each

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